EganINK is another Egan’s whiteboard innovation developed to create stunning grids, templates and lettering to communicate your message or design. Exclusive to GlassWrite, tackable, and EVS-based products, EganINK gives you the flexibility to make whiteboard concepts that really stand out.


    Features                                                                                                           Benefits

          Easy To Maintain Dry-Erase Updating                                                    Create custom activity charts, visbility boards and more

          Excellent Appearance                                                                                  Combine shape with letters, lines and graphics for a highly personalized statement

          Long Service Life For Internal Applications                                          Inexpensive and unique single source solution

          Guaranteed-To-Clean                                                                                   Low gloss–easy on the eyes, reduces reflection and improves legibility

          No Ghosting And No Shadowing                                                              Professional quality print

          Permanent Marker Will Not Damage Surface

          Dust-Free Whiteboarding With EganCloth


You can make a specification from our standard 100-color palette or provide custom color. Unlike GlassWrite and EVS products, tackable surface ink-personalization is only available in Black (BL). Egan's readily available line patterns (grid, grid dots, grid gaps, etc.) are specified 2 1/4" apart.


For your convenience, our design team offers a wide range of readily available art to personalize your message. However, you may also share own unique ideas, and our team will help you specify it for the EVS surface. The potential for premium and incentive product opportunities is limited only by your imagination!


Specify EganINK color and art with the Specifier’s Guide.